The idea of Zyzven Naturals was conceived to pay homage to my grandmother who raised me in poverty and my Jamaican maroon roots.

Growing up in rural Jamaica in poverty and without running water and electricity with as many as 13 children in the household ( 2 bedrooms ) we often got one skin irritation or the other. However we simply could not afford western medicine and as such grandmother would use herbs from her backyard to solve our skin and healthcare issues and they worked.

It was years later whilst on vacation in Jamaica mosquitoes bit my son and seeing a doctor on the island cost us $500 usd that the idea dawned upon me and with the encouragement of my then 92 year old grandfather to use the herbs o grew up with to solve my son skincare issues and repel the mosquitoes.
That’s was how we made out first products the mosquito repellent soap. It worked and with the encouragement of friends and family we started making more products for skin blemishes and hair loss.

Products were always tested on ourselves and friends, family and fans until we perfect our formulations.

After seeing results and getting great feedback from those we made the products available to the wider public and Zyzven Naturals was created and is fact becoming the brand of choice for a lot of people seeking skin and hair care products that are ethically made and importantly that works without the harsh chemicals.

We also focused on helping women and other minority start and operate their business and we always ensure that our suppliers have sourced their ingredients from ethical and in a sustainable way.

Zyzven Naturals supports rural communities by buying our raw material from those who have hardest to find a market  because of the lack of capital and network.

Our products are natural and organic and NEVER tested on animals. 97% of our products are also Vegan friendly.