Our Story

The story of Zyzven Naturals is the story of perseverance and survival. Its in many ways the legacy of grandma (Ida Nelson) and how she would use traditional afro Jamaican medication and herbs to treat our illness and skin breakout. The Zyzven naturals brand is the perfect combination of traditional Jamaican maroon herbal care and Swedish quality. Growing up in Bath, St. Thomas Jamaica with my grandmother, her husband and up to 13 cousins, sharing two room, without electricity or running water it was not uncommon for my older cousins, our neighbour or other associates to develop skin rashes and other topical skin conditions and even acne. Apart from poverty been a hinder to us seeking western type medical treatment my family are maroons. Maroon are Africans brought over during the slave trade who took to the hills and thus keeps their African traditionally way of life. Our products range from hand crafted soaps to a wide variety of oils and creamy serum for treating hair and skin. Our goal is to ensure that each customer is having a pleasant shopping experience when visiting our website. We also have a variety or natural herbs and spices.
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