Alopecia combo

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This is the four product you will need if suffering from alopecia or thinning hair. 
Alki detox tea to help remove the toxin and plaque from your body and onion growth oil. 
muse the detox tea for 14 days then start using the onion oil once a day in the scalp. 
onion oil is a leave in product. 
a few drops on the scalp and massage well. 
onion growth oil can also be used to steam the hair. 
give this combo about 90 days. 

The combo also include an organic shampoo and condition  the shampoos can be peppermint , tea tree and lime or ginger 

If you are a female that has PCOS or is going through menopause and suffering hairloss as a result you want to add the hormone balancing tea and roller as your hairloss is likely cause by hormone imbalance.