Endometriosis Relief Tea

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The Endometriosis Relief Tea provides relief by reducing local inflammation, supporting your energy levels, reproductive and immune systems.

The endometriosis relief tea brings relief to endometriosis related symptoms such as extreme period pain, heavy period, fatigue, nausea and promotes estrogen balance and fertility.

Use with the Womb detox steam and Alki - Detox Tea for best results

How to use Endometriosis Relief Tea:

Add 2 teaspoons of Endometriosis Relief Tea in 2 cups of cold water in a pan. Bring to a boil then simmer until reduced by half. Strain and Enjoy!
Drink 3 times a day for at least 3 months or until the desired results are achieved


Ingredients and benefits:

Pau d'Arco*
Pau D’Arco attacks endometriosis by purifying the blood and detoxifying the liver.

Ginger has many anti-inflammatory properties and also has been shown to reduce menstrual cramps. Due to this, ginger can have a great positive impact on reducing the pain from endometriosis. 

Dandelion Root*
It was found that the dandelion root is beneficial to promote the granulosa cell growth, which are the main functional cells in the ovaries. By promoting these cells, this means that ovulation can improve. Also, dandelion was found to have anti-inflammatory properties as well which helps to decrease pain. 

Red Raspberry Leaves*

A study has found that the raspberry leaf can reduce pain from endometriosis because it promotes blood circulation, eliminates free radicals, and improves immunity. 


Raises progesterone levels and in turn, lowers estrogen in endo-afflicted women thus helping lower incidence of pain and heavy bleeding for those who have it.


All the way down to our DNA, sarsaparilla has the ability to tame DNA duplication in normal cell growth, which lessens the chance of endometrial adhesion or implants or tumors developing somewhere in the reproductive area of the body. Sarsaparilla also rejuvenates blood flow to the body, aids in repairing nerve tissue, which can be another problem that blocks the path to fertility.



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