Uterine Fibroid Combo

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Herbal remedy/treatment for fibroids 

Uterine fibroids are abnormal growths that form from muscular tissue in the uterus. By age 45, it’s estimated that around 70% of people who have a uterus will develop at least one.1 They are one of the most common noncancerous tumors for people who have a uterus.

A Fibroid is a fibrous mass of tissue that can be any thing from very tiny like a pea to the size of a grapefruit or larger still. There can be one or several and they can be found on the inside wall of the uterus, within the muscle wall of the uterus, on the outer wall of the uterus or hanging from the outside of the uterus on a stem.

The symptoms can range from barely any at all to frequency of urination as the mass presses on the bladder, to intense or excruciating pain in the pelvic region or on sexual intercourse. Periods will usually be heavier and there may be bleeding or spotting between periods.

Fibroids are linked with an excess of oestrogen in the body. This can be a natural build up of oestrogen in the body, possibly through compromised liver function; the liver is where the sex hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are filtered or processed through.

 Excess oestrogen can also be as a direct cause of external influences. There are high levels of phthalates found in food and water due to coming into contact with plastic, specially when the water has been heated or in direct sunlight. These compounds used in plastic production to increase flexibility and durability (amongst other properties) of the plastic. They can leach into food and water and cause havoc with the human hormonal system acting like oestrogen molecules. Many women and even young teenage find themselves on the high oestrogen contraceptive pill, either to control menstrual flow or as a contraceptive method. The long term affects of this can be great.

This blend was customized with herbs to stop the growth of fibroids, assist in shrinking fibroids, and ultimately eliminate fibroids. Our herbal formula increases circulation to the womb to promote natural healing and detoxification.

This Tea is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients including: 

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Folate.

It will alleviate symptoms, including bloating, pain, excessive bleeding, infertility and difficulty in getting pregnant, and will return menstrual period back to the normal flow. 
Mainly, mechanism of action is by balancing the hormonal levels, boosting immunity and gradually dissolving uterine fibroids tissues. 
All this process will occur without devastating side effects, and the herbs will help you to have much better mood, much better health in general, and eventually will help you to reach the healthiest version of you, without the complications associated uterine fibroids.

Benefits Of  Uterine combo 

  • Clear toxin and waste in the womb – Uterine tonic  helps to clear toxin and waste in the womb. 
  • Eliminates Uterine Fibroid Permanently – Uterine tonic  helps to shrink out all fibroid types and sizes in a couple of weeks.
  • Anti inflammation of Womb – Uterine tonic helps to prevent anti-inflammation of Womb.
  • Anti and Prevent Uterine Fibroid – Uterine tonic helps to prevent/cure uterine Fibroid.
  • Reduces Heavy Bleeding – It helps in reducing heavy bleeding between or during your periods that includes blood clots.
  • Reduces Pain – It helps in reducing pain in the pelvis or lower back.
  • Improves Menstrual Cycle – Returns menstruation that lasts longer than usual to normal.
  • Reduces Pain During Intercourse– It helps in reducing pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Normalizes Abdomen – It helps in normalizing the pressure of your lower abdomen.
  • Cures Abdomen Enlargement – It helps in healing swelling or enlargement of the abdomen.
  • Anti Aging, Prevent Gynecological Disease – It helps in anti aging and as well prevent gynecological disease.


Brew detox tea  in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then drink. ( start with detox tea for 14 days  Best taken before breakfast or before sleep at night. You can also add lemon or honey according to personal taste.

womb detox is a vagina steam that comes with instructions on packaging  

hormone roller - use on pressure and pain points  do you use when driving  

uterine tonic - instructions on back of packing  

It is recommended that you don't take the Fibroid Herbal Tea during your cycle.


combo contains 6 weeks supply if use correctly.