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This is our starter tea only business box and those for November , December contains the following items. 

• 25 alki detox with Moringa 

• 25blood sugar support blend 

• 25blood balance support blend 

• 12 hormone support blend 

• 12 hormone roller. 

• 1 womb detox 

Each  item retails for £40 in Europe and $40usd in the rest of the world. With 96 products this box has a retail value of almost 4000$£ depending if you are in North America or Europe. This is the perfect gift also to gift someone who may want to enter the wellness business, need a second stream of income, your child who is is unsure what they want to work with or a friend who is down on their luck and need a new start. 
with the box you are able to make the following combo 

hormone balancing m, menopause, infertility , pcos or endometriosis  

uterine fibroid 

combo for those with erectile dysfunction